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Sunday, January 13, 2019

True Detective Season 3 Premiere: New Mystery, Familiar Mood

Season 3, Episode 1: ‘The Great War and Modern Memory’

About the 1996 Great Documentary "Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills", a Triple-Murder in Arkansas, later known as West Memphis Three, opens with timber helicopter shots of wood Where there are three pre-boys' bodies. Searched. Around 150 minutes, film justice is witness to a startling abortion, which begins with tremendous police strategy, an incompetent defense, and estimates of a community, who wanted to keep this horrific case in order to relax.

The documentary and its two sequels helped raise public awareness about the case, and after hearing a successful (if uncommon) petition, 18 months after the assassination, in 2011, West Memphis III was released from prison.

The new season of "True Detective" also opens with the overhead shots of a wild area outside of a small town in Arkansas - which is called Satan's Den - and Wen Heze (Mahershala Ali), closed with a state detective Goes, a missing boy hiding in a cave, exploring the body. There are other special relations between "True Detective" and "Paradise Lost", especially in its three teenage outflows. One of them questioned in connection with his Black Sabbath T-shirt, "Devilish Panic", who filed a case against West Memphis III.

But mostly, it is bound by itself "Jannat" - a very white, poverty-stricken community with a terrible secret in the forest outside this city.

It is not yet clear how this secret will appear in the episode "The Great War and Modern Memory" of the third season of the show, but the setting is thick with a familiar atmosphere. There is no narrative continuity between a season of "True Detective" and its creator, Nick Pizzolato's only authorial stamp, whose prevalent instinct is to create places where evil has a tangible appearance.

The first season transformed southern Louisiana into a swampy swirl, which gradually threw its characters in the center in the dark; In the second season, for all its flaws, the SoCal like "Chinatown" followed the rich tradition of espionage stories, which reduces the corruption of the municipality. In this first hour, the city of West Finger, Arch, carries the same danger, especially at night, when the sick winters around it are far below the Neighborhood Streetlights.

West Finger is alive through director Jeremy Salinger's lens, a style expert, whose work includes violent, consoles-like noir comedy "Blue Ruin" and thriller "Green Room", which once closed the neon-filled bar Having punk band is about. -Nazis Soldier directed only the first two episodes of the new season before the pizza to change herself, but she succeeded in returning to its roots as an absorbent environment. The story has been much more streamlined than the second session, at least in the early stages, and its disclosure is slipped slowly over three timelines.

As a variation on the same hard-drinking, ethically manipulative antihero, four big-name actors (Colin Pharrell, Rachel McAdam, Vince Vaughn, and Taylor Kits) start setting up as a central character after a season Together, there is a well-established start with Headley. The rays emanate from the same stock, but he has not yet been paralyzed with self-doubt that he can not work in front of him.

On November 7, 1980, on the day of the death of Steve McQueen, a monument was properly constructed, two children were reported to have their bike riding in the park and missing after coming home. The suspects include three teenagers in a purple Volkswagen bug; A Native American who deposits garbage on the back of his go-cart; And members of the children's family, including their father, Tom (Scooter McNulty), who have been married to their mother Lucy (Mamie Gamar), have killed the sky, and Lucy's cousin Dan, who once accompanied him Crashed for six months. Stretch

As Matthew McConaughey's Rust Kohl and his "time is a flat circle" is philosophist in the first season, a part of this information appears through a statement long after this fact - in this case, 10 years - and adds one-third of the show timeline, after 25 years, when elderly Heze acquitted an interview for a true crime show. (Old-fashioned make-up is difficult to meet properly, so it should be said that Ali's transformation is exceptionally good here.) Other major characters get a reconnaissance in the first episode, which includes Hasin Partner as Stephen Dorf, Roland West and Carmen Edgego, Amelia Reiner, as an English teacher, who will eventually become Hess's wife and write a book about the case.

The Pizzolato script makes it easy on time for hard-boiled pizzolatos-isms, which allows for the blotting of baroque plots to shine more clearly. Time will tell if the untold aspect of the story - child murder and kidnapping, a peep in the little girl's room - will pull it down or if Pizzolato will lose the plot, as it did during the second season. But two big twists in "The Great War and Modern Memory" - that Amelia married Heze and wrote about the matter, and that the little girl is still alive in 1990, and apparently Burglary pharmacies in Oklahoma - Expert form, And various suspects and witnesses have been kept clear and cautiously.

It is not a small achievement for those who establish the details, especially after the second session, who have confused and humiliated from the first hour. The third season of "True Detective" can be brought back to ambition, but Saulnier and Pizzolatto get deeper hooks through classic procedural view-setting-settings and bread-crumbly-bread-crumbling lines. As Houses steals himself to find darkness on the edge of the city, it is easy to follow for now.

Flat Circle:

The final exchanges between Hayes and the West ("It is very dark, man." "I do not care.") Feel like an i-Yama-ki-i-yam moment from Pizzolato, which probably But blinking in the eye is critical after the last season.

Race along with the race will definitely become a factor. The initial meeting between Hayes and Amelia hangs the question - "How is it here … you know?" - for now.

Devil's Dane added Cape Fear to the name of future public places.

Peeking in the boy's room, most likely the carving by Lucy's cousin is the first big lead in this case, especially when the boy dies and his sister is not. It's also a Pizzolatto - and noir - the conference to achieve this secret place behind a closet, underneath the underworld of everyday evil through everyday life.

Fans of liberal music supervisor T-Bone Burnett can be amazed at the Mikey Newbury version of "This Dropped In (see what was my position"), this episode closes in. Burnett's "Acrobat" soundtrack for "The Big Lebowski" Too. "Used for the Career Sequence of Carey Rogers and First Edition singles, Burley-Eskee in the bowling alley.

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